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Daily Devotion - Patience

God Writes Novels, Not Sitcoms

By a virtual show of hands, how many of you expected more out of your life in 2010? Perhaps you prayed, waited, maybe even fasted for some dreams to be met that weren't. So what happened?

Waiting on God to Know His Goodness

The Lord is good – even His children often do not know it, for they do not wait in quietness for Him to reveal it. Waiting is not one among a number of Christian virtues, to be thought of from time to time.

The Longest Tunnel

How do we get through the tunnels in life? We keep our eye on the light. We rely on God and continue to relinquish our plans and timing.

Plain Brown Wrapper

We expect the answers to our prayers to be easily identified. Sometimes the answer appears differently from what we expect and not in the way we anticipate.

Waiting on God Who Waits on Us

God waits for you with all the longings of a father's heart. He waits that He may be gracious unto you.

Spider Webs

Strand by strand, these little web-slingers work diligently even though we never see it. It’s no wonder they are part of God’s creation.

Finding God's Timing

Have you waited (maybe too long?) to make a change, chart a new course or accept an unchangeable situation? Maybe you've done the opposite by jumping in and taking action before considering the consequences.


Waiting on God can sometimes feel unbearable. Nevertheless, like the cry of a bird perched on an evergreen in the middle of a cemetery, hope truly can rise above confusion and pain.

Where Are You, God?

The next time you ask God, "Where are you?" You should be asking yourself, "Where am I?".

Patience is a Virtue, So Hurry Up and Read

I desire to be a man of faith and a large part of that is to be a patient man. Being a patient man is not being passive or lazy, but rather being bold in confidence that God will do exactly what He promises to do.

Waiting on God Patiently

If we truly set ourselves to wait upon God, we shall find that it is with Him we are impatient, because He does not at once, or as soon as we could wish, do our bidding.

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