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Daily Devotion - Spiritual Warfare

Stormie Omartian: Recognize the Enemy's Lies

We all have a spiritual enemy. For those who don’t know or believe that, their ability to identify the enemy’s work in their lives and resist it will be nonexistent.

Terry Meeuwsen: Treasures in Jars of Clay

We are in a battle that has eternal significance. On the surface it may seem like a personal struggle with some mental or physical area of weakness. That’s what Satan would love for you to think.

Joyce Meyer: Spiritual Warfare

You are waging spiritual warfare when you give radical praise to God in the midst of your need and lack. When you are thankful to God for all He has done and is doing, you are defeating the enemy.

Battle Wounds from The Good Fight

Keeping one's faith gets rough in this life. You'll get wounded. You'll get dazed. The enemy doesn't fight fair, and he's very aware of your weak points. Don't think for a moment that he won't sucker punch you right where it hurts.

Who's To Blame?

We struggle against powers greater than we can imagine, who attack us from the spiritual realm. We need to be ready for the daily battle.

Useless Against an Assailant

God never intended for us to be our sole defense. If we find that our resources are inadequate in life's battles, it's because we're not fully depending on God.

Coyotes and Other Hazardous Threats

We often forget that there are hazards all around us that threaten our existence. Preventing attacks is much wiser (and less painful) than treating a wounded life.

Tug of War

We are in a tug of war everyday. The war is with our heart. We have Satan and his demons on one end of the rope and the Lord and His angels on the other.

The Heart Specialist

Sometimes we may feel like our hearts simply can't get close to God no matter how sincerely we pray or read the Bible. What is wrong with our hearts? Ask the heart specialist.

What Doesn't Scare the Devil

It now occurs to me as I write this that it seems sort of strange that I would get a revelation on my way to prayer. I thought I was supposed to get revelations while I was in prayer, but hey, He's God and He can do what He wants, right?

In the Ring

Sometimes life just kicks you in the gut. Sometimes you deserve it, sometimes you don't, but regardless, it still hurts.

Stand and Fight!

We, as Christians, are in a continual battle against our adversary, the devil. He is not an enemy of flesh and blood but rather a spirit being.

Are You Suited Up Yet?

Everyday you have to check your armor to be sure nothing is missing. It is the only way to stand against any of the enemies’ tricks. God is our source of strength and we are to go out to do warfare in the power of His might using all the resources he has given us. 

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