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Daily Devotion - Faith

Diamonds in the Night

The sky is endless; God's blackboard of promises. It's also the venue displaying His glory. I don't know about you, but my night sky gets cloudy from time to time. Obscured by stormy circumstance and causing me to lose sight of God's tailored plan.

When You Feel Forsaken

Have you ever gone through a time in your life when you weren't feeling particularly spiritual? When it took work to pray, when it was too painful to cast light into the shadowy corners of your heart?

Saving Faith

Though many spend much time in church and other religious activities, they still don't know Jesus in a deep, intimate, meaningful way. Without this kind of faith, they will not go to heaven.

Terry Meeuwsen: Rejecting God’s Word for Wealth

A story that haunts me is Jesus’ encounter with a nameless, wealthy young man as he made his final journey toward Jerusalem.

Giants in the Land

Faith is all it takes to embolden us to walk into the land of giants, trusting God to either make them smaller or to make us bigger.

Tell It Like It Is

When I was growing up, I use to hear the phrase, “Tell it like it is.” I came to understand that it meant being honest, forthright, and straight forward. In my teenage years when I lacked tact and diplomacy, I was painfully honest.

What Shall I Do With Jesus?

What if you choose to accept Christ? Is that the end? Absolutely not. Once we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, we must then decide how we will answer that same question on a daily basis. 

Rising on Wings of Faith

Remember, Jesus hands were pierced with nails on Calvary’s cross so that you can walk free, forgiven and be without burden. There on the cross, Jesus paid the ultimate price to win your love. Consider that. Jesus remained confident in God even as He hung on the cross dying in mockery and seemingly forsaken.

Finite Minds

The Israelites made it clear that they would have rather died in Egypt than die in the wilderness, because they couldn’t wrap their minds around the idea that God was going to continue to guide, provide for and protect them.

Useless Against an Assailant

God never intended for us to be our sole defense. If we find that our resources are inadequate in life’s battles, it’s because we’re not fully depending on God.

Faith to Stand

When troubles come in life, will we stick them out to see the giant fall? Will we put our hope in the God of David, the one who assures us that even though the swords fly and the cannons fire the battle is not our own?

Is Your Faith Worth the Leap?

For if I have faith that God is leading me, but I do not follow or act on it, then faith turns to doubt and my inaction leads to death; the death of my faith and the death of my dream.

In My Father's House are Many Rooms

Kristine knew without a doubt that this world is just a ‘passing-through place.’ It’s not the final destination. She used paint swatches as tools to witness about eternal life and also to help the people around her accept her physical death.

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