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Daily Devotion - Mother's Day

God Knows Best: Even If It Doesn't Seem So

In those moments in time when I don’t have a clue what to do next, God does! When my head is hanging and my heart is broken, God knows what the next step is.

The Original Mother’s Heart

“…How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings…” Matthew 23:37 | How could God reference Himself as a protective mother, lest He’d poured His compassionate nature into the mother’s heart?

A Mother's Love

All mothers are not the same. Author and speaker Patsy Clairmont says, “Normal is just a setting on your clothes dryer.” We are all different. She shared that as women we may “struggle, fail, start over, and celebrate.” But we are mothers who can love unlike any other person.


Just the name evokes a flood of thoughts and memories. Childhood memories of a loving hand to bandage a skinned knee, and a magical kiss upon that bandage that made the pain fade away.

What Makes Me Happy?

Mother always was good at asking the right question. It seems that true happiness is closely related to our relationship with God and receiving something through His hands—even if that something it is reproof.

Honoring Mom

This Mother’s Day, let’s be like kids again. Let’s consider how much Jesus treasured us from the moment we were born.

A Sermon for Mother

The substitute preacher for the worship service at the nursing home failed to show up and Jim was asked to lead the service with virtually no preparation time. He was simply visiting his elderly mother, but our all-knowing God had a reason for things working out that way.

Broken In Pieces

As I was praying about Mother’s Day, I was asking God how I am going to get through this holiday without my son. I believe He said that you will get through it because you will celebrate that you were able to be Byron’s mom. Well, the Lord did it again! He turned my negative into a positive.

Me, My Mother and Jesus

Throughout her rebellious years, two people never gave up on Sandy—her mother and Jesus. It was easy for Sandy to see that her mother was always there for her. It was more difficult for her to see that Christ, too, was always there, through the good times and the bad.

Buttercup Blessings

Remember when you were a child and you would pick up buttercups or dandelions for your mother and how you would hide them behind your back?

My Mother’s Vineyard

The apostle Paul understood the spiritual heritage of the maternal vine that reaches deeply into subsequent generations. These silent warriors activate the “Moses” in us, that we might do greater exploits for God’s kingdom, offering prayers with proven results.

The Blooming Heart

As many can attest, she was a no- nonsense kind of lady who could set you straight in a New York minute, but at the same time leave you feeling encouraged and confident about yourself, always knowing that she was in your corner, no matter what life threw your way.

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