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Daily Devotion - Identity in Christ

The Blessing

The "Vulcan salute," as it has come to be called, used on the set of Star Trek by actor Leonard Nimoy came from the actor’s real life Jewish heritage.

Adoption Parallels

Terry Meeuwsen and her husband adopted three sisters from Ukraine and realized along the way the parallels that exist in our adoption as God's children.

Who Do You See in the Mirror?

Few have had a healthier ability to laugh at themselves than Abraham Lincoln. Not the most handsome man on the planet, he had a charming ability to turn his features to his advantage.

Losing gracefully

It’s as though we have a score card and we list who is better and worse than us. "She gets guys' attention more than I do. Score one for her. Minus one for me." Or, "He is stronger than me. Score one for him. Minus one for me."

Getting On With Your Life

Our human nature is to dwell on the negative – what we regret or what injured us. Our divine nature, on the other hand, looks forward to and focuses on what lies ahead in the kingdom.

Build an Altar

Our indentity in Christ is established as walking temples of God. It is my responsibility to build an altar to the Lord in my heart, maintain it, and visit it frequently.

God Brags About You

Do you know how special you are to God? Do you realize that He loves you more than anything else? I think people have a hard time really understanding God’s love for them. I noticed in the Word of God that He went to great lengths to explain His love, but we fail to see it.

You Became Mine

We have no problem becoming the center of our world, and we very quickly and instinctively declare ourselves to be our own personal sovereigns. But what we discover is that someone close by has had a watchful eye on us the whole time. His story about us, however is somewhat different.


When I think about motorcycles, the word “spatula” comes to mind. Think about it for a moment. And when I think of tattoo, two words come to mind: “ugly” and “off.” In the book of Isaiah, God says, "I have indelibly (tattooed) you on each of my hands.” Amplified Bible

Reconnecting with Old Friends

My greatest friend, and the one I needed to communicate with the most, couldn’t be found on the old high school classmates list. He was a friend I had spoken with everyday, but lost touch with along the way.Slowly, my faith became stagnant, and I trusted Him less each day.

Who Am I?

“Who am I?” That’s the question we’re seeking to answer. Everything flows from that—your mindset, your choices, your outlook, your mood, and yes, your eternity.

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