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Daily Devotion


By Dan Betzer
Guest Writer -- There are two things in life I’ve never been even remotely tempted to do: 1) Get a motorcycle and 2) Get a tattoo. Now I have friends who have done one or the other and even several very good friends who’ve done both and seemingly have lived good lives.

Not for me. When I think about motorcycles, the word “spatula” comes to mind. Think about it for a moment. And when I think of tattoo, two words come to mind: “ugly” and “off.”

So let’s say you’ve got this tattoo and you want to get it off. How do you do it? Well, not easily, according to people who know. The three primary choices are: lasers, surgery or chemicals.

One on-line article had this advice: “Home techniques for tattoo removal, such as the use of a hot cigarette or heated coat hanger, are not recommended. The scarring and infection rates are very high with these methods.”

Now that’s a revelation, isn’t it? Kind of like saying hitting your thumb with a ball peen hammer hurts. But hang on, you know someone very famous who has a tattoo?

Isaiah 49:16 informs us that God does: “Look, I’ve written your names on the backs of my hands.” Or as the Amplified Bible puts it, “I have indelibly (tattooed) you on each of my hands.”

Well, my goodness, you have to have a very personal relationship with someone to have that person’s name tattooed somewhere on your body. There are those who say that God is merely some impersonal “force” somewhere. The Bible denies that base canard. No one has ever wanted intimate contact with you more than your Creator.

Used with permission by author, Dan Betzer. Previously published on ByLine OnLine, copyright © 2005 Media Ministries of the Assemblies of God.

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