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Daily Devotion - Character

Joyce Meyer: Be Trainable and Humble

All we need to do is look at some of the disciples Jesus chose and we quickly see that God does not always or even usually call those who seem to be qualified.

Have an Itch? Try Scratching

We tend to regulate our spending by what we want rather than what we can afford, and measure success by the things we have—resulting in a ruined economy. However, we’d have great gain and demonstrate better character if we’d seek contentment and godliness instead.

Temporary Insanity

As Christians, we have tasted God's mercy and goodness, and have experienced joy, peace, healing, and protection by our loving Savior. How is it then that we can have "temporary insanity?"

Boys Will Be Boys

There is a heaviness and darkness that seems to accompany pursuing “fun” outside the Lord’s territory. But men who turn around and seek thrills in a God-honoring way have endless opportunities without the burden of guilt and sin.

Are You Silly Putty?

Silly Putty can be stretched, shaped into any form, or pressed on pictures and newsprints to make impressions. It can be transformed. How about you?

Don’t Leave Home Without It

We are to stand before one another spiritually transparent. It may not be easy bearing our true selves to one another, but it is necessary.

Sandpaper Situations

Have you ever noticed how certain people have the distinct ability of grating you to the point of sheer exasperation?

A Fly in the Ointment

In the midst of our imperfection, we should always be trying to improve our character. And when a fly does show up in our perfume, the God- inspired aroma we give off, remove it with grace and humility and then move forward. We never know if our actions will help someone to meet Christ face-to-face when He returns.

Fake is not Faith

The only way we can truly know each other as brothers and sisters in Christ is to be who we really are and let it show.

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged

Outward appearances are a poor criteria upon which to make conclusions about anyone. And other testimonies can be false as well. Judge not that ye be not judged!

‘Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall’

According to the fairy tale, Snow White was the object of the Queen’s hatred. A king had a similar story. His name was David. The mirror was the faithful prophet Nathan.

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