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By Missey Butler
Guest Writer -- We the people of God, who are called by His name, do solemnly swear to uphold His righteous standard, to set forth His Holy decrees by way of a consecrated and fully surrendered heart. We pledge to seek His will for our lives and that of our country, through humble prayer and supplication.

We acknowledge with grateful hearts the goodness of our Sovereign Ruler, the great Legislator of the universe, the One who has granted to us the opportunity to dwell peaceably within a land full of posterity and generous in its religious liberty.

It is the right and duty of all men who are called by His glorious name to worship the Supreme Preserver of all nations, to ordain and establish His Holy constituted laws and to declare His wonderful grace and marvelous freedom to those who may still be held captive by the tyranny of ungodly adversaries.

We the people of God do submit to the leading and the dictates of the Holy Spirit, unimpaired by condemnation or dissuaded by double-mindedness. We affirm our complete and total dependency upon Him and Him alone, the One in whom our hearts can safely rest, the One who jealously guards our exercise of choice and helps us to take up our cross daily as we lovingly follow Him wherever He may go, all the days of our lives!

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