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Daily Devotion - Repentance

No Need To Hide

Knowing that my behavior, and even my thoughts and attitudes, are exposed before God is a sobering thought. It means that there is no place to hide.  

In Case of Emergency, Exit!

I'm not ready to go; but our lives, like this flight, will end. When it does I want to be able to walk — not just away — but toward something better.  

The Gift of a Second Chance

Each day I was annoyed by the sight of a dedraggled, overgrown plant hanging over the edge of the walkway above, down to the second floor where I lived at the time. "Why doesn't Lois do something about that thing?" I asked half aloud.  

Do Christians Have a Split Personality?

Our spirit, soul, and body are in a constant rivalry. We determine in our soul if we are going to be more body oriented or spirit oriented. This is the struggle we endure. This is where the split happens. 

Unexpected Consequences

God’s goal is to bring us to a right relationship with Him, no matter what it takes. The Father has lovingly given us true life stories such as this one to draw us to a more godly life, and to teach us the dangers of sin.

When God Calls It Sin

Have we forgotten, what God calls sin is still sin? Do we need to be reminded there are no big and small sins?

The Runaway Bride

I may never understand what makes a bride “ready to run”. But I can imagine that God must look at us with the same quizzical expression.

The Unthinkable

"Even if I have to die with You, I will not deny You!" These are the infamous words of Peter. Words I'm sure he rolled over and over in his mind after he did in fact deny Jesus.

Waiting on God as a God of Judgement

Wait on God, in the faith that His tender mercy is working out His redemption in the midst of judgment. Wait for Him; He will be gracious to you.

He Lights My Way

God gives second chances so that we can turn from our wicked ways and be restored into a right relationship with Him. He shines that light in the hearts of mankind and gently tries to woo the wayward soul back to Himself.

Harvesting the Whirlwind

We must repent America! Though our Nation mocks God, we believers in God must seek His face, humble ourselves, and pray. We must ask for His forgiveness and mercy for America. Our future and the future of our children hang in the balance. Pray, for the whirlwind is on the horizon!

Stepping Stones to the Throne

I took a break from working on my spiritual life. Unnoticeably to me, the moments turned into an hour, an hour turned into a day, a day into a week, and before I realized it six months had passed by...

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