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Daily Devotion - Purpose

Seems Like the Bad Guys are Winning

One of the great spiritual questions many people wrestle with is the issue of why good people sometimes suffer, while so many bad people prosper. It is not a new question.

Fail Your Way Forward

God's plan, in God's time, with God's people always produces fruit, but that doesn't mean we won't stumble and fail our way forward.

Salt of the Earth

It may be an odd analogy, but Jesus compared believers to salt for a reason. Salt is a dietary mineral, used for flavoring and preservation - needed by all known living creatures.

Terry Meeuwsen: The Wilderness

Circumstances that involve loss, unfair treatment, illness, or broken relationships are the wilderness places that God uses to shape, refine, and carve character into us, if we’ll let Him.

One Thousand Lambs

Solomon poured out his love to God by bringing his top quality lambs multiplied many times over as his sacrificial offering. In his wisdom, Solomon knew that God deserved his best.

God Rewards a Step of Faith

Even though Simon Peter didn’t know Jesus, he listened to the Lord and pushed the boat off, into the water. But he’s probably asking himself, Who is this man? He must be someone important because everyone wants to hear Him.

Waiting on God: For More Than We Know

Dear soul, in waiting on God you may often be ready to be weary, because you hardly know what you have to expect. I pray you, be of good courage – this ignorance is often one of the best signs. He is teaching you to leave all in His hands, and to wait on Him alone.

A Humble Seed

Have you ever planted seeds, let’s say pumpkin seeds, then waited and watered till one-day small green growth appeared?

Fading Scars

If I were to tell stories of my former existence, people who know me now would have a hard time believing that's who I once was. When Jesus changes a person, He makes them "a new creation, old things having passed away, all things having become new."

Knowing God

Because of the trials he endured, Job got to know God on a more intimate level, as Father, healer, redeemer, peace, joy and strength. God knows us better than we know ourselves.

God Prepares the Heart to Answer His Call

God changed my heart until I wanted what He wanted more than anything else in the world. His plan was for me to go in a new, different and exciting direction. In that process I discovered something wonderful: God’s call on your life can change.

Day of Glory

We have never seen a time like this where so many ministries are, through the force of mass communications, finding they are ministering on a daily basis to literally every nation on earth.

A View from Eternity

When our spiritual eyes are opened to this incredible truth, we will automatically see from a very different perspective. We will begin to realize that we are no longer looking from the bottom up; but instead, we are looking from the top down.

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