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Daily Devotion

You're Not the Sausage!

By Gene Markland

If you have ever been a hospital patient, you'll agree that toward the end of your recovery, things can get a little boring. Sitting in the bed you find yourself looking at the wall or trying to find something to watch on television. By this time your day revolves around your meals.

I was in just such a position one day when that glorious moment finally arrived…breakfast! Yes, I could smell the rich aroma of the coffee as I beheld a domed covered plate, which contained the culinary enjoyment that I awaited.

Carefully lifting the cover off the plate, disappointment reared its ugly head. There lay my toast, my two boiled eggs, and a blank spot reserved for my sausage. No sausage? We'll see about that. I called the nurse and alerted her to my meatless predicament, fully expecting her to call a code brown. There was a code blue, maybe a code red, but no code brown.

Patiently, I ate my toast and sipped my coffee saving the eggs until they could be properly eaten with sausage. After a few minutes I heard a knock at the door. "Aha!" I thought. "Food service is here!" With excited expectation knowing that my moment had arrived, I invited my visitor to enter.

When the door opened, it was my nurse with a cart full of needles, IV bags, charts, and paraphernalia. Before I could stop myself, I opened my mouth and exposed my true feelings. I said, "You're not the sausage!"

Never have I seen such a perplexed look on a face as she replied, "No I am not, but I have another bag of antibiotics for you." We had a good laugh together. She had brought something that was actually better for me.

I am reminded of a man in the Bible who was also sick on his back and asked the Apostle Peter for some help. Peter said, "I don't have any silver or gold for you. But I'll give you what I have. In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!" (Acts 3:6 NLT). And he did!

The sick lame man got more than he expected. In his mind he hoped for money to sustain him at best. He never expected himself to be healed in the name of Jesus.

You may be hoping for something or someone to come into your life to fulfill a need or desire. But just think, what if God has something in mind for you much better, far better, than your biggest dream? It can happen for you just like it happened for the lame man in the Bible.

Our God is the God of something better, the God of more than enough, and the God of abundance. Jesus said, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly (John 10:10 KJV).

Abundant life is your promise! Don't give up on your dream, but be open to God's version of your dream. Believe it. Hold onto it. Let God surprise you with His dream for you. He will sustain you and bless you beyond measure!

Oh, and food service finally brought me bacon!

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Gene Markland is an Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur. He is the Author of Spirit Fellowship, Experiencing Life in the Presence of God. He resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia with his wife Martha and daughter Laura. Gene blogs at 

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