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By Nancy Caine - - The Christian life is one of faith, says pastor and author Bill Hybels, where Christians routinely find themselves "overdriving their headlights" but knowing it's okay because God is in control. Furthermore, according to Hybels, senior pastor of the popular Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago, the Christian life is an unpredictable ride, a risk-taking adventure involving high-stakes, personal interactions, and breathtaking rewards.

Hybels shares his practiced secrets of relational evangelism strategies in Becoming a Contagious Christian (Zondervan) which he co-wrote with Mark Mittelberg, the director of evangelism on the Willow Creek staff. The book is a highly potent look at what it means to be an authentic Christian whose life serves as a spiritual magnet that draws people to God.

Encouraging believers to break out of spiritual isolation, take risks, and love people like there is no tomorrow, Hybels and Mittelberg tear down barriers Christians use as an excuse for their malaise about personal evangelism. The book provokes believers to move from low impact, "table ornament" status to salty, compassionate Christians who "wake people up with their challenges and seemingly radical points of view (who may) overturn a few applecarts here and there."

It's a book specifically written for those Christians who might view the "E" word as a dirty one. And for those who are convinced that sharing their faith is not their area of interest or expertise. It's also a book about developing friendships of integrity, no strings attached, in order to advance the Kingdom of God.

The contagious enthusiasm, and in-the-trenches, practical experience offered, will help propel believers from mere knowledge about sharing their personal faith into realistic action. Particularly helpful are the four simple models suggested for presentation of the Gospel, like the well-known "Bridge" illustration that shows how man's sins have separated him from God. Also of note are the chapters helping believers learn to start spiritual conversations and discover their own personally designed approach toward being authentic and natural in the sharing process.

This book is action-oriented and direct, laced with real-people examples. Becoming a Contagious Christian will pique your curiosity to take risks, and provoke you to build up the courage it often takes to initiate spiritual conversations.

Bill Hybels serves as senior pastor in South Barrington, Illinois' Willow Creek Community Church, one of the most attended churches in North America. Hybels is the author of many books, including Descending Into Greatness, Fit to Be Tied, and Honest to God?

Mark Mittelberg serves on the staff of Willow Creek Community Church as the director of evangelism. He is the primary author of the Contagious Christian Training Course, a curriculum designed to build skills and confidence in the area of relational evangelism.

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