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Daily Devotion - Trust

The Nets Left Behind

I am not saying we are to walk out our front doors of our homes, never to return, and begin preaching a salvation message to the lost. But I am suggesting that we consider following Christ.

Devotion To Christ

Our lives should consist of speaking to God and listening for His reply. We should be seeking His advice, wisdom, and guidance for everything in our lives.

The Fallen Athlete

Professional football lent an opportunity for the uniting of opposing teams in heartfelt prayer for an injured player. What a precious and tender moment we witnessed that one hardly ever sees these days.

Trust Him in Everything

When you’re in a tight spot and problems are raging all around, there is a sense of uncertainty that tries to envelop the mind. If we are not careful, it is easy to get mentally sidetracked. By focusing on our problems and never looking up, we will fail to experience the peace of God.

Thank You in Advance

Trust in God's desire to conform you to the image of his son, Jesus. Pray, thanking Him in advance for the changes He will make in your life. Remember that God's timing is different than ours.

God Goes Where You Go

God told Joshua to be strong and to have courage. Then He told him a wonderful truth: "The Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Yes, that's right… wherever!

Crazy Dog!

Despite his new cushy indoor life, Chester got out of the house and went back to his old roaming ways!! My husband said something like,‘Crazy dog, he’s got it made and he still runs off when they let him out.’ Chester is not so different from you and me, I fear.

Trust in the Lord

Mueller prayed when there was no food on the table for his orphans in England, and miraculously bread, milk, donations, etc. would show up. What an awesome display of the type of trust our Lord deserves.

Waiting on God: Its Certainty of Blessing

Were it not for God’s promises, we might well despair. But, in His promises the living God has given and bound Himself to us. He calls us to wait on Him. He assures us we will not be put to shame.

Investing in Heaven's Bank

It is time to sow seeds and reap a harvest. Jesus said He would provide all of our needs according to His riches in glory. We must look to our Father in heaven and be responsible with the money He provides. We cannot rely on Social Security or any other world system.

Without a Paddle!

After arriving safely, I was relieved, though still somewhat shaken. I began to realize that God had very wonderfully organized his own “Search and Rescue” operation on my behalf! 

Trust With All Thine Heart?

I admit that trusting is still a challenge for me. God is invisible and I like to see what I’m trusting. Trust is one of the essentials of our relationship with Jesus.

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