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Transformational Experiences

By Richard Spangler
CBN Staff Writer -- A God given experience is just an experience if we do not allow it to translate into a life transforming experience. God gives us these experiences to transform our lives. When we allow this to happen these experiences become transformational experiences.

In Ex.24:9-11, the 70 elders of Israel, Aaron, Nabub, Abihu, Moses, and Joshua saw God and they ate and drank with Him. The Bible also states that God did not kill them (which is a good thing).

This was a fantastic experience for them. This experience should have been a life transformational experience for them. Sadly, it did not transform the lives of the 70 elders, Nabub, Abihu, and not even Aaron.

We know that when we read Ex.32:1-4, the people asked for a god of gold and a golden calf to be made for them to worship. None of these men stood up to oppose the people, to keep them from sinning. The experience on Mt. Sinai was given by God to transform these men into true leaders, not just men with titles.

But before we harshly judge these men, we must remember, it is as true for us today as it was for them. God gives us potentially, transformational experiences and we at times, do not allow those experiences to transform us.

We walk away, come from the mountain as it were, thinking that was a great experience and immediately start thinking, ”What’s for lunch? Or what’s so and so doing after church?”

Some Christians become experience junkies. These are people who move from one God experience to the next, always looking for bigger and better experiences. They get that first rush or the high of the experience, but they soon crash, having no real satisfaction.

They do not allow these God experiences to transform them into the Lord’s image. They do not allow themselves to be transformed -- to be drawn to closer to the Lord and to do the work of the ministry that they have been called to do. This is where we all find true satisfaction in the Lord.

We all need to allow these experiences to transform us. We do this by asking the Lord, “What is the specific purpose for us having the experience?" Then, we need to mediate on that purpose. Finally, we must ask the Lord to help us and allow the transformation to take place in our lives.

The Lord Jesus has chosen each of us to be His people and He wants to transform us into a royal priesthood, a Holy Nation, that will transform the world in His name.

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Richard Spangler has been in active ministry for 30 years. He has been working for CBN since October 2003 and is currently ministering in the National Counseling Center Partner Service Team. Send Richard your Comments

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