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Daily Devotion

Angels Watching Over Us

By Marcia Kinslow

I was preparing to return home after a visit with my sister who had surgery the week before. We tried to pack a lot into that day before the drive back to Virginia Beach. My sister surprised me in that we were going to see the play at Sight & Sound in Lancaster, PA, called “In the Beginning”.  We made the hour long ride back to York, Pennsylvania, where I dropped my sister off at her home and headed home. It was getting late. I entered the Pennsylvania highway at 9:15 p.m. to begin the six hour drive home. 

I remember my prayer vividly because I asked the LORD, “Please give your angels charge over me and put your angels at the four corners of my vehicle. Also, place the angels assigned to me in the vehicle with me and take me home safely I ask in Jesus’ name!” 

I was looking forward to the drive because I had some very good praise and worship music I was going to play. It was sitting on the seat next to me. I placed a very upbeat CD by Fred Hammond in the player. I opened my mouth to sing along, but to my surprise I began praying in the spirit.  I prayed with intensity not understanding what I was praying for. I had a sense that something very serious was taking place so I continued to pray. The traffic was moving quickly although the speed limit was 65 and 70 miles per hour on the interstate. I had no trouble keeping pace as I continued to pray. 

After praying more than ten minutes, I shifted to praise & worship, because I sensed a release from praying so fervently. A driver was creeping up really close to my vehicle and seemed annoyed that I was not driving faster. I decided to move over to the left lane to get out of his way. He sped up and passed me. As he passed on the right, he was inches from the bumper of the car in front of him. He swerved into the left lane in front of me and lost control of his car.

I slowed my car and watched everything play out as if I were watching television on a wide screen. Praise the Lord for answered prayers. I’d not completely realized how important it was that I’d asked the Lord to send his angels when I first entered the highway. I experienced their protection first hand, as they kept my vehicle from becoming entangled in the accident.

When the driver lost control of his car, it hit the car to the right of him causing that car to spin sideways. It felt like my vehicle was being supernaturally held back a few feet from the accident. For what seemed minutes both cars were sideways in front of me on the two lane highway. The reckless driver spun his car around and began driving the wrong way on the highway and then his car went over the side of the road. I watched the tail end of his car as it appeared to flip over into the ravine. Immediately I pulled off the road onto the median on the side of the highway just before two tractor trailers sped by. It was a miracle that the semis weren’t involved in the accident as well because they were dangerously close. Everything on my passenger seat went crashing to the floor.

I reached for my phone to call 911 but couldn’t find it; the phone had slid under the console. I was shaking, but during the whole ordeal I had incredible peace.  I got out of the car trembling. I called across the street and asked where the guy was that was in the car that went over the side. They pointed out to me that he had not flipped but had driven back up the ravine and was walking toward the car he’d hit to exchange driver information. The reckless driver glared at me. I had an impression that he had been drinking. In retrospect, no one was injured, just shaken. The only damage was to the vehicles. 

I realized my prayer was for the lives of the people whose car was hit by the drinking driver and for his life as well. I was grateful the Lord answered the prayer and that His Angels were in fact, watching over us!

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