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Tim Storey: Hollywood Opens the Bible

By The 700 Club -

While many Christians may think God is dead in Hollywood, one man is determined to take the town for Jesus Christ. His name is Tim Storey and his zeal is catching souls for the Kingdom.

Every three weeks at the Wyndham Bel Age Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Tim Storey teaches curious film industry actors and executives of all faiths about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Originally started at Dyan Cannon's home in 1993 with a meager seven people, the invitation-only bible study has exploded to some 700 attendees.

Storey began advertising his ministry as a motivational meeting, trying to be as non-religious as possible. But after God convicted him, Storey began to give altar calls at every gathering and to pray for the sick.

"There is such a hunger for God in Hollywood," says Storey, "but if you don't show them the right way, what is going to happen is they are going to fall for something else. And what we have seen in the past is we have seen so many other counterfeits come in."

Recently, 30 people were baptized Hollywood-style in Lynn Landon's (Michael Landon's wife) pool. Those attending were treated to valet parking, light hors d'oeuvres and pleasant music. Despite these ritzy appearances, Storey says people in Hollywood are getting changed. "This is not just a little fu-fu Bible study," he says. "We are speaking the Bible and we are praying for the sick. People are getting healed, even in the Hollywood Bible study."

For the last two years, Storey has been teaching others about the difference between a good idea and a God idea. In distinguishing between these two ideas, Storey explains, "Good ideas may come true, but God ideas must come true" The God idea brings purpose and a passion to do what is right in God's eyes. "What happens with a lot of entertainers is that the enemy tries to take them off that priority pathway. So they need that constant coaching," he says.

Storey has compiled an excellent resource called Maximum Impact: For Those Who Dream Big and Are Willing to Pay the Price (Harrison House). In this book, Storey provides not only his insights but the insights of other godly men including Tommy Barnett, Creflo Dollar, to name a few. Storey's personal contribution includes a deeper look at becoming the person God created through God's process. As he explains, as Christians, sometimes we have to get left to get right.

"All of us want to get right," says Storey. "We want the right job. We want the right ministry. We want the right mate. But sometimes there's a season of left. As you know, Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 says, 'there's a time and a season for everything.' So it is important not to disregard or curse the left experience."

"Many people have a great calling, but they have no character. They are visionary heavyweights but character lightweights. God wants us to have a powerful calling and a powerful character. So after he calls us, He begins to train us," writes Storey.

Being left means being abandoned, forsaken, or even left out. Although the left may seem bleak, it is the time in life to gain strength to handle life on the right. It is a season of preparation in which God must work on a Christian's character to get them ready for life on the right. Storey believes that the higher a Christian's calling, the more time he or she will spend on the left.

Besides teaching and preaching, God is also using Storey to provide a Christian alternative to the psychic hotline. It is called the Tim Storey Inspirational Connection. Interested callers seeking for answers to loneliness, pain, and life issues can call a phone counselor who will give biblical answers based on the Psalms and Proverbs and pray with them. Tim has bought time during the prime time hours for nationwide commercial spots to advertise this new hotline. The commercials should start airing sometime in November, he says.

Also look for Storey's newest release, It's Time for Your Comeback: Don't Take a Step Back with a Setback, at Christian bookstores nationwide.

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