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Steve Green
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Somewhere Between

Somewhere Between
(Sparrow Records)


Steve Green: 'Somewhere Between'

February 15, 2005 Nashville, TN – Dove award-winning Steve Green announces the release of his 25th studio project, Somewhere Between, available on Sparrow Records this week.

More than two years in the making, Somewhere Between presents an introspective and artistic path toward the universal question to God, “Where are You?” making this a project that has become Green’s most expressive and revealing work in Green’s 21-year career.

Produced by Greg Nelson, including contributions from Brian D. Sewer, Bernie Herms and Ron Huff, Somewhere Between offers echoes of Andrea Bocelli’s modern classical sound, the theatrical pop overtones of Josh Groban and Steve Green’s incomparable vocal gift in its rawest form.

“Part of the excitement about this project is that I’m trying something different,” the Grammy-nominated artist says. “Lyrically, it’s an expression of hope and longing—in the most honest language I can offer—through the difficulties and hardships of life. I’ve covered a lot of information over the last 24 albums, the nature of which has been largely a declaration of objective truth. But this project asks questions.”

Somewhere Between centers on where we live between the beauty and the tears.

In just one year, Green’s 73-year-old father lost his 16-year battle with Parkinson’s disease, while Green’s mother, who’s endured two cancer surgeries, was now a widow, bearing many burdens while grieving her own loss. With these and other emotionally charged events, it seemed that everywhere Green and his wife Marijean turned, close friends were drowning in desperation, broken and hurting. Somewhere Between was born, offering songs to help hurting people hold on to faith through their darkest times.

Its songs meet hurting, doubt-ridden, discouraged people where they live, saying “God has not forgotten you.” The tune “In Brokenness You Shine” sets that tone, as Green comments, “I have spent my life trying to safeguard myself, building walls of security, independence and provision, but God has spent my life undoing me. The reason He dismantles these walls is because I’m prone to trust what I know, and God is committed to keeping me weak, looking to Him.”

Setting eternity in view, “Open Our Eyes” is a metaphor longing for heaven, a song for many people who lose loved ones and where heaven seems closer and more desirable than ever. “Come now the wait is over / eternity’s begun / Awake, now the dream is ended… / in the morning sun / All that’s eternal you’ve set in our hearts… / the promise of heaven….” While “In You Alone,” a powerful worship ballad, is a declaration of dependence on God, singing “When I reach the end / you are just beginning. In You alone / I soar on borrowed wings.”

Another hallmark of Somewhere Between is Green’s involvement in musical direction. “I began working on the score for two years, writing and programming some music, aiming in this certain direction. I wanted to do a project of prayers, just honest expressions of the difficulties and struggles of life and how that leads us to look to God.”

After all, he says, hope is enough. “Even now, 22 years later, the Gospel is still messing me up. I have never been more aware of my sin, my frailties and weaknesses than I am now, and at the same time, I’m more aware of the massive work of Christ on the cross to redeem people like me. Even in restless, desperate times, and knowing that so much of life is just not going to be fixed, I can rest in what He has done and what He will do, even when I can’t see it.”

Steve Green began his recording career with Sparrow Records in 1984, recording 25 projects, seven videos and garnering 13 No. 1 radio songs. His projects have reached over three million in sales. The son of missionary parents, Green was raised in South America until he was 18 years old. He continues to tour there, as well as North America, year round. He and his wife, Marijean, are the parents of two children.


Purchase Somewhere Between.

For more on Steve Green, visit his Web Site.

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