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By Missey Butler
Guest Writer -- In my senior year of high school, a fellow classmate and I were privileged to have been voted “Best Dancers” among a graduating class of approximately 400 students. I remember receiving my little plastic trophy at the awards banquet and relishing in the fun of being spotlighted for something that I simply loved to do.

I could do the twist, the monkey, the swim, and the boogalou with the best of ‘em! After becoming born again, though, I did notice that the Holy Spirit was faithful to help refine those “natural abilities” into more of an opportunity to bring honor and glory to God.

One of my favorite stories is about King David and his own love of dance. He had become so enthralled with his love for the Lord that he soon lost all of his inhibitions and passionately danced with great zeal and adoration before the God who had so completely captured his heart.

Sometimes, when no one’s around, I love to go up to my bedroom, shut the door, put on my favorite worship CD, and begin to lose myself in praise and worship. I can imagine myself stepping out onto the ballroom of Heaven and gracefully performing before the King of Kings.

I have to confess, one day in prayer I made a very personal request of the Lord. I said, “God, You’ve promised that one day soon You are coming back for a spotless bride, and that multitudes would gather together to celebrate at the Wedding Feast. I want to ask You now if on that day You would be so kind as to save a dance for me. With all of mankind looking on, I want to share a very special moment with the One that I’ve come to know and love so very much.”

So, on that grand and glorious day, when I’m toe to toe with the wonderful Lord of the Dance Himself, you’ll remember what I’ve shared with you here today and say, “By golly, she got what she wanted. Just look at her now! He gave her the very desire of her heart, just as He promised He would.”

“For eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things that God has prepared for those that love Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

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