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God's Portrait of My Life

By Marsha Brickhouse Smith
Guest Columnist -- I dreamed one night after I had prayed about so many things in life that were troubling me; after I had cried and asked the Lord the questions most of us ask during those horrid times ... "Why?"

I dreamed I was sitting beside a large covered canvas and the Lord stood before me. Slowly He lifted the canvas from the painting of my life as He spoke these words:

"My Child, I have heard your question of why. I would like to show you what I have been painting on the canvas of your life. I know you thought I did not hear your prayers, but I assure you I heard each word, for I was there with you. You see, I was painting on the canvas of your life. I saw each tear, and in each of those times I painted on the canvas of your life."

"You see, I took the times in your life when you hurt so much and painted a sapphire blue, the color that I love so very much. I took the times in your life when you felt all alone and painted a crimson red. I took the times in your life when you knew such joy, and painted a golden hue. I took the times in your life when you ran into My arms, spending much time with Me and I painted a vivid violet."

He held up the portrait and I caught my breath, for as I beheld the canvas of my life -- He had painted a rainbow of such splendor I have never seen. And it was then I realized He had been there all the while in my life, through all the times, using each of them to make the portrait of my life into a rainbow of promises fulfilled.

He used all those colors ... all those times ... each one of them He had been in, right beside me, causing them all to work together for my good. And out of that, He had created a rainbow of such splendor my eyes could not take it all in.

Then I awoke from the dream. Never again would I doubt such a love. And somehow I knew that in all the times to come I would remember the rainbow, and God's love, always...

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to whose who are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

Copyright 2003, by Marsha Brickhouse Smith. Used by permission.

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