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Taking God to Prom

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CBN.comAs girls search endlessly for the perfect dress and guys dig for the money to pay for everything, prom planning becomes the new hot topic. For most students, there is never a second thought as to whether or not they are going to go—that is, if they can find a date! But one question does remain: How can I take a firm stand for Christ at the dance?

This is the key: The name "Christian" should be lived out at all times, especially at prom. Remember, as a Christian, you represent Jesus at all times. Set a good example with your life, especially at prom.

Here are a few quick tips that will help you keep your witness on the dance floor.

First, examine the weaknesses you have that could lead to potential failure. For example, drinking and inappropriate physical contact are some of the most frequent bad decisions teens make in the midst of a good time. Be aware of the areas that you are not strong in and steer clear of temptations that could lead to your downfall. Tell your date and your friends about these areas so that they can help keep you accountable. (And remember, some weaknesses are only appropriate to discuss between just guys or just girls.)

Treating your date with the utmost honor and respect is also key to having a good time. While many teens see prom as an opportunity to drink and go as far as they can with the opposite sex, this is your opportunity to show someone that you care for them and love them with the love of Christ. Men especially, this is your chance to show your date how they deserve to be treated—with great dignity and gentleness.

Whether it is just a friend or a special friend, let your focus be on blessing your date. The relationship should remain pure and be completely pressure-free, and there should be no hidden motives. As you both strive to reflect the nature of Christ, you will have an incredible time together.

Remember, as a Christian, your goal is to be an example in every action you make and set the standard, whether it is in dress, conversation, or yes, even dancing. This is a highly controversial issue among prom-goers and concerned parents ever since dancing has become one of the most offensive aspects of this originally innocent event.

Be sure that you continue to be cautious and aware of how you are representing the Christian name when you hit the dance floor. When the focus is pushing the line and getting as close to your partner as possible, you have crossed the line. Inappropriate, improper dance moves should be avoided at all costs. Keep it clean. And when those around you can’t keep it clean, find another place to dance.

Now for some Christian teens, this night poses a huge dilemma. Before they can even think of how to act at prom, they need to decide, "Should I go to prom?" These Christians are wondering if they can really make this a memorable occasion without compromising their morals.

Some would say "no," because prom is nothing more than a group of hormone-driven teenagers dancing way too close and staying out too late. While this is true for some, we should be careful about what we assume is true for every prom attendee. Many are truly there for friends, food, and harmless fun.

Another worry that some have is that going to prom leads to immoral choices, compromise, and even regret. This is a very important point. There are many temptations that some face while at prom. Before deciding whether or not to go, you should be sure that you are not putting yourself in a bad position, either before, during, or after the dance.

Some say that Christians should not associate themselves with this event simply because of all of the negative things that can be said about it. That may be an extreme view, though. Every Christian should pray carefully about their decision. If you feel that you should not go, then by all means, don’t go! However, if you decide to go, you better be prepared to set an example for what the prom night should look like.

The fun and excitement of this night should not be completely drowned out by the negative things that can happen. The BattleCry movement is designed to raise up an army that will choose to fight for righteousness in every situation, no matter what comes against them. For those who decide to go, the prom is not only a great chance to make fun-filled memories, but an opportunity to be an example of purity, dignity, and most importantly, a life committed to Christ.

Read youth culture news, youth ministry articles, and join the fight for America’s young people at Article reprinted with permission.

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